Mt. Pisco, Peru

Mt. Pisco, Peru

13 Jul 08:00 - 22 Jul 17:00 - Huaras
Huaras, Ancash, Peru


Mount Pisco at 5,752 meters, (18,897 feet), is probably the best preparation and training peak in the world and a great acclimation peak. Mount Pisco, while beautiful, is a fairly straight forward climb, without exposing the climber to difficult and technical climbing, thus allowing novice climbers with the opportunity to experience a big beautiful mountain. With several other taller more technical peaks close by, Pisco is commonly used as a preparation and acclimation climb for larger nearby peaks in the Cordillera Blanca or Cordillera Huayhuash. Our basic schedule adds an extra acclimatization day to this trip. We have found that this greatly increases the chance of obtaining the summit and further helps with acclimation if clients are also moving on to larger peaks after Pisco

Cumbre Nevado Huascarán

24 Jul 04:00 - 29 Jul 20:00 24 Jul 04:00 - 29 Jul 20:00 - Huaras Huaras
Huaras, Ancash, Peru Huaras, Ancash, Peru
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